これは、東日本大震災後にUPしたWhen You're Smilimgです。CDには、こちらをオルガントリオで更に増強版したものが収録されています。


 MEGU's Ja Ja Jah JAZZ

 1.  Stand By Me

 2.  Que Sera Sera

 3.  Bridges

 4.  Four

 5.  Get Happy

 6.  Ringo Oiwake (リンゴ追分)

 7.  When You Wish Upon A           Star

 8.  Take Five

 9.  Left Alone

 10.When You're Smiling    (南部弁バージョン)



Piano(Special Guest): Phillip Strange

Organ: Satoko Tatebe

Guitar: Jesse Forest

Percussion: Koji “Marco” Murao

Voice: “MEGU” Adawas


Photography by Fabio Dal Grande EMOEYE STUDIO, Osaka, Japan


What’s "MEGU’s Ja Ja Jah Jazz”

MEGU’s Ja Ja Jah Jazz is the name of my broadcasting program on the local radio station, Radio Kishiwada. “Ja Ja Jah” is an exclamation used in my hometown Hachinohe City, Tohoku, Japan for surprise at seeing or hearing something.

3 years ago there was a large earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I watched TV and saw awful scenes near my hometown. I wanted to bring cheer to the people suffering from the disaster with my music. My arrangement of “When You're Smiling” was created at that time.


The first part is spoken and sung in Japanese in Tohoku dialect, and the second part is in English followed by an original scat incorporating traditional Tohoku festival chants.


I want to make people smile with my music. This is the inspiration for the CD. So, please listen, feel good, smile, relax and.... Ja Ja Jah!

Thank you for all the support of my musicians, engineers, photographer, support staff, friends and family. Thank you to all my beautiful fans. Through life, keep on smiling.


MEGU Adawas